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Hey folks I am looking for some used equipment that i can use in the case of a backup. I have already grabbed a 2nd pump for the "just in case" but i am needing the below items. If you are in another area I will pay for shipping for these items.

1.) RO/DI Unit - doesnt have to be super fancy as I just have the 75g and 55g tanks so something between 35-50 is ok. If you have something better feel free to post but I am trying to save some $$$ so keep that in mind please.

2.) A protein skimmer to handle a 75g display with a 30g sump. The sump is an open style with just a couple icecream pails full of sand and rock. Aside from that as long as the skimmer can fit in a 12"x16" footprint it should be ok.

3.) A couple media reactors would be nice too. I dont need them for backup just want to get my media bags up off the bottom of the sump.

Anyways if someones got this stuff laying around in storage due to getting a newer/better/more efficient model I would be happy to purchase them off your hands. Feel free to post a price in the thread or shoot me a PM.
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