Hi. I'm looking for few danios to buy. I want longfin gold danio and longfin blue danio glofish, 6 fishes of each, 3 males and 3 females of each. At the moment there are a lot of danios for sales literally everywhere, including my local pet stores and they are very very cheap. I could buy it starting from 0.035USD from what I can see on the internet. However they are either of the color I'm looking for with short fins or they are any other color (like zebra or dotted) with long fins. But I want both.
I found this video at youtube from a guy from Ukraine that has gold longfin danios and I left a comment there, but no response so far.
So is there anybody here who could sell me those or at least help me find someone who can?
If you don't like my price - offer yours.

I guess if I don't find them I'm going to eventually start breeding them on my own, but that's not going to be an easy or fast task so I'd rather buy existing fish of that type.