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I had a Guppy give birth a few weeks ago on 1/24/9, I only know because I found this guy hiding near the bottom while doing a water change

I've been keeping him in an isolation floater in my 55g and feeding him crushed flakes and the occasional brine shrimp. How big does he have to be before I can safely release him into the general population? My tank has:

5 Platies
3 Mollies
3 Guppies
5 Neon Tetras
2 Barbs (around 2")
2 Gouramis (1 dwarf flame 2", 1 opaline 1")
2 Danios (small)
1 Scissortail Rasbora
1 Black skirt tetra 1"
1 Redeye tetra 1"
1 rainbow shark
3 Sworftails (painted 2", pineapple 1.5", mickey mouse 1"+)

He got out while I was flushing the uneaten food out yesterday and one of the platies was chasing him around. That made me nervous because they're ont the ones I was worried about getting him - I thought the barbs or the gourami would be the threat.
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