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Weight limits...

106 Views 4 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  Gamegurl Fluval Shaker 345 has arrived and I've just finished building the cabinet. As the name suggests it has a nominal capacity of 345 litres (90 US gallons) although it says on the box that after substrate, hardscape, decorations etc. the capacity will typically be around 270 litres.

1 litre of water weighs 1kg so 270kg of water
I have 35kg of substrate - might not use all of it but I want a good depth for plants
I have 15kg of slate

That's a potential weight of 320kg (around 700lbs). The box for the cabinet quite clearly states that it has a load capacity of 160kg (350lbs) but the thing is they are purchased together as a pair so surely I can expect the cabinet to be able to take the weight of the aquarium?
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Hi whistler,
i dont think they would sell them as a pair if the stand wasnt going to support the weight.
The legal ramifications for a company supplying a stand that they know isnt up to standard when pairing it up with a tank (incapable of supporting it) and still go ahead and put it on the market would cause themselves so much financial grief i dont think they would do it.
Maybe if you add some bracing to the stand, in the load areas?
You're saying you bought the tank and stand together?
If they were sold as a pair I'd say yes, if bought singly and the product states that it supports (x) weight, I'd listen to the manufacturer as that's nearly double what they say their stand can hold.
Yep, sold as a pair - designed for each other!

Perhaps the picture means to to stack more than 160kg on the unassembled box - but the image shows it looking as if it is assembled, the box itself is flat-packed

Now I've got the tank out the instructions mention that the warranty will be invalidated if you use anything except the official stand so they must work together although it's a bit worrying that it creaks when I lift it!
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