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We did not want to get a bristlenose pleco as we werent a huge fan of the bristles and they get to be very large. We went to our local pet store to get a sucker and were sold this as ancistrus but were told it is not bristlenose. My brother also got one a few months before us and his is 2-3 inches now but when we bought ours his did not have any signs of bristles. Its now starting tiny little bristles around the edge of the nose/mouth. Were still trying to figure out exactly what type of sucker they are as the baby BNs at the pet store dont look the same as the ones we got and ours seem to have a distinct difference. They have white triangles on the tips on the tail fin and one on the tip of dorsal fin. My brothers is much darker (black) with white spots and ours is a pit more of a lighten yellowish/sand type of color with spots. I will try to post pics of both. Ours likes to hide a lot still as hes fairly small.
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