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Looking for any Christmas themed tank ornaments. Kind of like what Petsmart sells around this time of year. I was able to get this years "Merry Christmas" sign ornament, and have found the igloo, penguin, and owl (why an owl with a santa hat anyway?) and put them on hold to pick up tomorrow. Unfortunately, I was told most stores only got a small amount of each one this year and most stores completely sold out on Black Friday.

What I'm really looking for is the Santa and the Christmas tree, or last years Gingerbread house.

I'm open to just about anything Christmas themed. We decorate quite a bit and have a lot of family over on the eve and Christmas day, so I was looking to bring the theme over to the tank in the living room too. My kids love the tank, so I was even trying to figure out a water proof way to put the elf on a shelf in the tank as well.

So what do you have kicking around that you're looking to unload?
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