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Fishkeeping Top Tip: Position Of The Fish Tank

Here is a top tip in Fishkeeping, where best to position your fish tank for your fish. Colin Agness from Woodford Aquatics shows VideoJug users his top tip.

Top Tip

The position of the fish tank is vital for the well being of the fish. Don't put it near radiators as it heats the water up.
Also don't put it in direct sunlight, as this stimulates algae, which can overgrow, not only clogging your tank, but raising the temperature of the water as well. Make sure it stands on something sturdy, as they can be very heavy. Try not to put it near doors, or where people will be running as the tank could be accidentally bashed. This would not only stress the fish, but make you liable to loose them.

Special thanks to VideoJug for sharing the video with us.
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