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About two months back or so, i bought a bad batch of guppies and didnt QT them... *J/D* so i got anchor worm...

Did huge 90% weekly water changes and added some cyropro. Once I noticed the first sign of anchor worm, I moved the fish into another 10g tank. (stupid me, i didnt know it was anchor worm at the time, and anchor worm is a free swimming parasite...) A few days later, the guppy died because I didnt know what was the disease was yet. He was the only fish in the 10g.

So I did the 90% weekly water changes for three weeks and the tank seemed good. Two weeks later, I moved a swordtail into the 10g tank, (which had no inhabbitants in it.) A few days after that, I saw that he had anchor worm, and that it came back into my 55g... *frown. I took the swordtail out of the 10g and removed the anchor worms off of him with a pair of tweezers. I did the same with two guppies in the 55g. I immediatly did a 90% water change on both tanks, and added some cyro pro.

So all in all, I am back at square one, batteling this disease, and now its in my 10g too...

Im going to do weekly water changes and dosing every tuesday for the next 8 weeks... I gotta get rid of this stuff once and for all...
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