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Don't have an adequate LFS around here. Just setting up my Biocube 14. Have LR only in tank now for 3 days. Took out bioballs and have LR in bay #2. Running carbon filter for now, until tank has cycled. Reading through the posts would like to up grade to a maxijet 1200 and get rid of the elbow. So what is the tubing size (I.D.) from maxi to flow head? Also, will the sure flow upgrade kit be compatible to use? Is it beneficial? The more I read the more I am concerned with the stock flow not having enough motion/turbulence. Also, what/where can I get the parts to make the flow head swivel more, be more directional. I've seen some posts mention it, but couldn't find reference to parts. Looks like basically adding another/different joint to the flow head after it comes through the back wall of the tank.
Plans are to let most of the die-off from the rock take place.......suction up the debris, then add the live sand, monitor for a few more days and begin with a nano friendly fish. Last night, ammonia was less than 0.25, pH 8.2, nitrate 0, nitrite 0. Assuming not much has happened yet with the rock and hopefully soon will start getting a rise to indicate die off and such.
Started running lights today as initially I was going to keep them off for the curing process, but changed my thought after reading some info here.
BTW, the rock I purchased was already cured. We will see. Very excited but being patient to let the tank "do its thing"
I am excited to find this site and looking forward to having a resource for future struggles and one day being a resource for those to follow.
Thanks in advance.
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