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Tropica - A tiny island. (My 44 liters paludarium)

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2 months ago i created this paludarium and how fun it was!

Plant Houseplant Natural material Grass Terrestrial plant

Never imagined how interesting the process of creating a paludarium could be, it took me around 5 days to create and agree with myself how I wanted to style the tank but I reached a conclusion lol, I am definitely going to create more and throw it up on my instagram once I finish them off, for now I am going to do some Jariums and Mosariums while I am building and painting my new aquarium table. Feel free to follow Aquatondesign

Below is how it looks today.

Plant Houseplant Flowerpot Botany Fines herbes

I you happen to be danish, here's a danish thread on my progress: Tropica - En lille ø (Vivarium/Paludarium)
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That looks awesome. Wish those tanks weren't so expensive here in usa
Yea that's good price. Not 600+ usd
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That's crazy!
Your telling me. Even rimless regular aquariums are expensive.
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