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I am selling a lot of stuff from a previous build of mine. Everything is in great shape and functioning
I need everything gone, no reasonable offer refused. The more you buy the better the deal.
Here is what I have:
1. 55 Gallon Dark Wood(Mahagony) Stand, Canopy, and Lighting system... $125.
Includes pre-installed light system
2x 175 watt Metal Halide lights + 96 watt PC 10000k
Ballasts are like new and everything works perfectly
2. Sealife Systems Wet/Dry filter. Rated for 125 gallons... $75
Upto 450 gph. Has overflow/top off switch installed
Have all the hoses, bio balls, foam, media, trays etc...
3. Sealife Systems Wet/Dry filter. Rated for 75 gallons... $60
Upto 350 gph. Have an overflow/top off switch if you want it for free
Has a spray bar instead of regular PVC pipe to deliver water into wet/dry.
Have all the hoses, bio balls, foam, media, trays etc...
4. Mag Drive 9.5 pump... $60
5. Pro Clear Aquatic Systems Protein Skimmer with the pump... $50
6. Coralife Turbo Twist UV Sterilizer 9 Watt.... $50 bulb is less than 6 weeks old
7. Hydor Koralia 2 powerhead... $30
8. Phosban 150 with a Rio pump...$50

I am including a link to a Google Album with all the photos there.
To see pics go (DOT) com/kevin.b...yfg&feat=email

Please call me at 786-539-4141 and I can answer your questions and demo the items for you
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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