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A few shots of the male P. zonatus. Always a camera hound.

More blue....F0 H. labridens "Blue, Sp. Taninul"

I put one of the F0 A. hogamoomarum in into the photo tank that I constructed. For a day the fish remained hidden behind the tank ornament (driftwood and foliage). I decided to remove the hiding spaces.//and did a 75% water change. It took literally an hour and a half to wait for the first move into the sweet spot of the lights. I got this first picture:

And the fish immediately went crazy. I don't know what he thought he saw....all of the lights were off in the room. I can only assume that the large barrel of the open lens looked like an open mouth. The fish immediately went into an aggressive stance. You can see the change in color pattern here. Much darker stripes and vivid colors.

And of course the operculum flaring and glass banging. He almost looks like a Thoricthys meeki with that flaring.

Really mad here:

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