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I should have done a thread for this, but it was a few months in the making. Well here it is. Doesn't look like much in this pic. The whole unit hang from the ceiling. My tank is about 4 feet from the wall so with all the wires up high I can just about walk all the way around the tank or atleast a nice U because the sump is between the far wall and the tank stand.

Here is a view from the end.

It houses two 400watt Mh with 20k bulbs and one 54watt T5 for Actinic. And 3 fans that move about a 100 cubic inches of air each. This is the top.

And this is what's under the top in a well that runs down the middle with 2 power strips and a wave maker and a fan to pull hot air out. When the top is on you can't see any of this.

And this is the back there are still some wires I have not put up yet but the idea is to have all the wires that run out of the tank power heads heaters and so on up into the hood and across to a power box on the wall.

This is the power box that hands on the wall

And after it's all done all you'll see is a few wire running across to the wall. And from under you will see a few wires that come out from the ballast that also hangs on the wall, but they are hiden in a box as well.

The only thing left to do in this room is paint and I'm sure you can guess what color it will be. I'm going with a sky blue around the top part of the room and it will fade into a Ocean blue rapping around just about tank level. The only thing in this room is the tank a table and a chair. Yes this is a man cave to the 10th power.
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