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1st. 20 long tropical

It has sand, flora eco gravel, some live plants, driftwood, 3 decos that act as caves, filter, heater, and a floating log for betta.

1 Male Betta
1 Female Betta
12 heli Rasboras
4 balloon Mollies
4 Corry's

2nd: 20Long Tropical

It has blue gravel, 1 cave, fake plants, real plants, drift wood, lots of floating plants, moss ball, heater, and filter.

1male betta
9 plattys
1 tiger pleco(1inch now and will move to 55 if gets bigger and by next year of August will have 125gallon for him)

Can I get 3 more plattys?
Can I get neons or is that overstocking?

3rd: 20Long Cold water
has no gravel yet, two decos that stick out of water, two floating lily pads, banana plants, floating plants, moss, filter, and fan on top of screen top.

3 fire belly newts
1 eastern newt
3 minnows(waiting for them to die out, don't want to re stock)

Can I get two more eastern newts?

4th: 5 gallon

has marbles, two cave decos, two fake plants, one stick on deco that has fake pants out of it which is good for the frog to rest in half way out of water if want. Filter and heater.

2 Dwarf Frogs

Can I get two more dwarf frogs?

What else can be in a 5 gallon? Like a betta or female bettas? Neon tetras? guppies? Or is this too small for anything but the frogs?

5th: 55 gallon

has black fluorite sand, eco flora red gravel, live plants including a tall onion plant and lily. One tall and wide fake red plants, 5 Decos that act as caves, 2 drift woods. Working on making this a fully planted tank with more cover. Also white sand mix in with Black.

1 rope fish
1 Raphael cat fish
6 khuli loaches
1 very nice temperted 6inch Chinese algae eater
6 giant danios
1 male betta
4 red tail/rainbow sharks(i ws told theres a 50/50 they wont kill each other when grown up.Can split them up by that time into separate tanks.

Can I get another rope fish?
can I get more Danios
Can I get either Disc, or Rainbow fish, Or gouromies, or Killie fish for center piece fish?

Queen Platy
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For the 2nd tank, I have a 20 Long also and I have about 50 platies all ranging from tiny babies to juniors, and about 6 adults. It doesnt seem overcrowding and my nitrogen levels are very low and steady. You could fit a lot more. They repoduce fast so it's up to you if you want to buy more. When it looks overcrowded I just give my offsprings away on my community forum, or trade for plants.
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