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Hey all!

I have a Lido 200, 200L/55G with live plants, wood and some rocks shown below:
Plant Nature Rectangle Wood Vegetation

Current Stock:
12 Guppies
5 Rummy Nose Tetra
3 Cory Cats (Julii)
2 Otocinclus
4 Bloody Mary Shrimp
2 Blue Velvet Shrimp
3 Assassin Snails
X Rams-horn Snails (Pest via plants)

I have a nice level of activity at the lower levels and the guppies seem to be enjoying the upper levels.

I also have plans to top up my Rummy population to 12.

I would appreciate opinions on the following things I鈥檓 undecided on:

  • would you add any more fish? Potential mid tank dwelling fish? Increase my Oto school? More cats? (I love the little fellas)
  • is this already enough? Potentially too much?
  • are there any clashes between what I have that I haven鈥檛 considered? (I know there could be an issue with guppies/shrimp but they seem to be happy together so far)
  • could I add more shrimp? I love the little critters and would love a strong population of those too!

Would also appreciate any general feedback or opinions on the tank, mainly just here to discuss my set up as I think my other half has heard me talking about this way too much already so coming here to further chat with likeminded people馃槅

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Tank looks nice, my opinion is it could use more plants, but that's me. If you have female guppys don't add more, if all males you can add 5 more Rummy nose. tetras
I have 4 Male Guppies and 8 Females!

& what plants would you advise and in which areas? I would LOVE to add more plants but didn鈥檛 want to over do it.

the back is pretty thick with long stem plants currently

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you could populate that entire tank with 4male guppies and 8 female guppies
Is this suggesting that I may be over populated?

It鈥檚 my first tank, I鈥檝e done lots of research and I think for a first tanker I鈥檓 fairly knowledgable (still know nothing in comparison to experienced keepers of course) but for stocking advice I鈥檝e just been following my LFS鈥檚 advice as it鈥檚 really hard to find specifics on each tank.

the common 鈥1 inch for every gallon鈥 rule, which I understand definitely isn鈥檛 accurate in most cases, but I鈥檓 still way below that in theory too.

open and appreciate all opinions

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This tank started with 10 Endlers which basically same as guppies, this is a 75-gal picture this in your tank.
Luckily, I have a great relationship with my LFS. I do have to say though, those Endlers look amazing (although yes, overstocked now馃槅) - how long did it take to go from 10 to the population of a small country?馃ぃ

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Not over populated now but Guppies are prolific breeders, note Susan's Endler tank. ')
Thanks for clarifying, I was actually hoping for some breeding as my goal was to build a solid ecosystem. I have a friend working at one LFS and a good relationship with another, so hoping that can provide some escape for if the population gets too high!

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Nice tank! I'd add 3 more corys, they really want to be in a shoal of 6 or more. I think the tetras would also be fine. If you keep up on pulling out guppy fry, you should be fine. I would set up a little tank to put the fry in until it grows out and you can get them wherever they're gonna go. Even a small tub of some kind would be fine. I'd be surprised if the fish in there could keep the population under control.

I don't know much about otos, but I think they want to be in a shoal of 6 also, so that's something to think about. I would honestly pull the guppies in favor of keeping the other fish in there, and increase their numbers, and then maybe pick a centerpiece, but that's me. Or maybe just pull half/most of them? I assume you want the guppies to be the centerpiece.

I would say I'm probably at the same level as you knowledge wise, so definitely don't take my word for it, but those are my suggestions. I definitely would get more corys, though.

I'd bet that Susan's tank took less than a year to get to that stocking level. Am I right?
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