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I am planning on installing a 24ft x 22 ft x 3ft pond (10,000 Gallons). I was wondering whether this stocking would thrive in the tank for life :
  • 2 Red-Tailed Catfish
  • 2 Diamond Sturgeons
  • 2 Irridiscent Sharks OR Tiger Shovelnose Catfish
So a total of 6 large fish. Considering the pH, temperature, and filtration is appropriate for them, would this stocking be comfortable. Is it too overcrowded?

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You can add some more fish into it like.....
Arapaima(too big?lol)
I have a pond too with some fairly large fish the smallest is around 30kg
3 3ft long south african catfish
9 2.5ft long pachus
1 8ft long arapaima
2 2ft long giant gourami
1 3ft long mekong giant catfish
2 3ft long mekong giant catfish
Maybe you can go for fishes like mine
If you are ok with it lol
I want to know what you think!
(Lol, I think my pond has too many fish!)
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