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Another great club day out appreciating the beautiful ocean areas we have here in the south east and catching a few aquarium species for our tanks.
Now that some of the new memebers are geting more experience with collecting the club sponsored three day rental house on the water in November should be very interesting as to who gets what for their aquarium.

There were several other groups doing the same thing yesterday where we were and a couple of us joined in to help another guy for some tang herding for some indemic tangs for his aquarium.

The day was warm, the water for this spot was clear, the swell was small, basicly perfect conditions were watched carefully in planning to give us the best spot on the best day.

These are a few of us getting our snorkelling gear ready for the day’s activities,in the shade of course.

A couple of the keen clubies that got in first.

Just a few of the standard clean up crew a few of the clubbies were after.

One of the male lawn mower blennies collected on the day.

One of the guys likes a few cowries in the tank.

A very common algae from the area,looks nice in the tank in the right spot,until it gets eatern.

These are the types of corals in the area.lots of ausy acans there.

One of the guys in the water first,his spear broke nearly straight away,oh well just collecting for him.

A very nice spot as the club has been coming here since the 1930s,of course it is different now.

The day was so good we didn't get home until after dark.
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