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Here is how I am doing as a new Bichir keeper.

June 25th:
Recieved 30 gallon 'All Glass Aquarium" tank, stand, filter, and heater as graduation gift. brought stand, filter, heater, and decorations home before orthodontist appointment. Took tank home afterwards. Moved entire room around with my Mom's help to make room for the stand. Mosquitofish fry moved to planted 2.5g. Filter cartridge from established tank put in 30g to instant cycle.

June 26th: Drove and walked in a low lightning stom to go to a Petland and bought a $20 dollar female Senegal Bichir, approx. 8".

June 27th: Senegal eats 2 Mysid Shrimp, but still refuses to explore entire tank.

June 28th: uneventful

June 29th: Fish starts exploring, pokes around and finally rests in cave. Becomes very active, swimming around, shifting gravel and uprooting a plastic plant.

June 30th: Senegal Bichir eats several Mysids, Brine Shrimp and even a few Hikari Sinking Carnivore pellets. almost takes freeze dried krill out of hand but refused after a few sniffs each time.

I will add more as it happens. :)
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