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Searching Fish that Eats Guppies and Shrimp

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Looking for a fish to add to my tank (65g tall, heavily planted, pH ~ 6.8 to 7.0, gH ~ 9) that will eat my guppy babies and my red shrimp.
My tank is overwhelmed by guppies and red shrimp. I luv the tank and don't want to just ditch it and start all over. I'm currently managing the guppy pop by scoop and dump. Can't catch those sneaky little red shrimp. By the way, I do have a few Nerite snails so I can't lower my gH much. My other fish are full grown Plecostomus(3), Hillstream loach(2) and that's it. Just want a aggressive meat eater that won't attack my plecos and I'm pretty sure my Hillstreams can outrun everything.

Thanks in advance for any advice and consideration you might offer.
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For your tank size your options are wide open.
Any type of Cichlid pretty much eat what they can fit in their mouths.
I don't know specifically shrimps but probably.
There are traps you can get to lure your shrimp in and whoop, out they go.
Even an inverted plastic soda bottle would work.
Have you any ideas what you want to put in there?
Barbs are pretty voracious to.
The guppies will be gobbled up by most any carnivore or even omnivores.
I'll look around online for pointers.
I know Pea Puffers are used to eat snails so I bet they'ed eat baby shrimp to
Keep us posted and welcome
I considered cichlid but they are so reclusive I would likely never get to see them. The tank is heavily planted. Also, I worry about their territoriality vs. the plecos. Plecos are very territorial.
I think I'm leaning in the direction of tetra to get rid of the guppies and trapping the shrimp. Might get a gourami while I'm at it.
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My angel fish would even eat full grown guppies and would go after shrimp.
I purchased 3 angel fish today, approx 3 inch size. I pretty sure the guppy fry will be gone soon. Meanwhile, I am going to trap a lot of the shrimp and gift them to my local fish store.
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