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HI everyone, We are a club out of central ILLINOIS we have been together for almost a year now and are growing very fast, We have meetings almost every month and try to remain active within the other clubs helping them out or any fellow reefer as far as that. We are currently working on our first frag swap!! this will be our first swap for the club and for the Springfield & Decatur area so we are hoping its huge of course.

I myself recently moved locations and am just now getting my tanks set back up at home, they have been at my mothers house in the temp tank that I setup. I have a 45 gal breeder tank with a 29 gal sump and soon to come 10 gal fuge, as of now I have a Dog Faced Puffer and a huma huma trigger both pretty small, I had a 29gal mixed reef however most of the life in it didnt make the switch over so I will be starting that over soon & working on a big frag system!!

anyone around here from Central IL? or IL at all? ok how about the midwest? lol

Feel free to drop us a line and hang out sometime.
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