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Science illustrator looking for advice about betta genetics/exhibit standards

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Hi y'all!

Call me R – I'm a USA-based science illustrator looking to create infographics/posters about Betta splendens exhibition standards & genetics for new breeders/hobbyists! As someone new to the hobby myself, I'm wondering if I could consult you all for some guidance.

I've attached to this message some sketches I made of a M/F pair of singletail long fin:crowntail bettas, (ray counts included), based on information from the International Betta Congress 2022 Exhibition Standards book. Could y'all let me know if there's anything I should fix?

*ALSO: I'm aware I haven't drawn in their lateral line scales yet... does anyone have a photo/diagram?

Organism Handwriting Art Fish Font

Thank you!!

(I'll be sure to post revisions & the final illustrations here as well!)


PS: Wasn't sure whether this was the right forum topic to post in. Sorry if I posted in the wrong one 😓
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