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We are a company that design and manufacture aquarium products in Singapore, name as Chill-Down Trading and Service. We are proudly to introduce a new product call RR WaveMaker, RR Wave Maker is the most powerful and valuable propeller aquarium pumps on the market. We offer you the best cost-effective to achieve the best performance, you pay reasonable and get the most. The wildly flow is out of your imagination, and let you and your coral have a wonderful experience. Our system provide you two modes of operation, Wave Maker and Flow Maker, both modes can be adjust the speed from 12v~24v. So RR Wave Maker can operate best results in different environments.

We are now looking for sole distributor at all countries. If any forum or shop is interested pls do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Just do a search in youtube and type RR Wavermaker u will see how it action.
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