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Hello everyone,
I'd like to ask for support by identifying and eradicating the algae that appeared in my tank.

Hereby I attached pictures did a couple of days ago - now the size of algae increased and it spreads everywhere.

It is green and consists of relatively rigid threads resembling roots (or a tree?). Unfortunately, it sticks firmly to the leaves and it is not easy to wipe or scrape it; trying to snatch it could pluck the whole plant from the ground, it sits firmly in the surface of leaves.
Over the last week, it has been infecting almost all the vegetation in the aquarium (i.e. mainly Hygrophilia polysperma and Echinodorus). After a few days, it began to grow on stones, too. It grows rapidly, a noticeable progression from day to day is visible.

I kindly ask for advice and suggestions, if any chemistry is needed, what will be safe for fishes? I can't imagine the removal of all infected plants., there will be nothing left out there....

tank 54l
cast: 6 platies, 1 guppy + 12 youngsters (1 month and younger) + 1 slushee (algae-eater? I don't know the English name)
No2 0
No3 up to 25mg/l
pH 7.2
hardness 14-21 GH
Temp. 24-25 C
aquael pat mini filter (up to 120l)
irradiation of 10 h / day reduced in the last week to 6-7 h (for now without effect)
I stopped fertilizing micro- and markoelements
water change approx. 15-20% per week
vegetation - about 30% of the surface of the bottom (hygrophilia polyspermia, echinodorus, bacopa monnieri, alternatea reinecki) - the first two most infected with algae, almost every leaf).

I had been giving CO2 in liquid once a week, in recent days I give more often, also so far I do not see any effect.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
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