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I have a metal shelving unit I bought us d, that came with several tanks. I've already been using it for a bit, but I've seen comments in other places about these types of shelves causing problems leading to cracks in the glass or leaks. I was already planning on replacing the wood it came with, so I thought I'd reinforce the stand a bit while I'm doing that.

Some of the wood boards the shelf came with are already warped and bowing, I'm assuming from the weight of tanks the previous owner had (it came with a 30 and 36gal, along with the 20gal that I'm using). I was thinking of laying some wood across the middle to add some support, but I'm not sure if I'd need to attach them to the metal parts or not.
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I'm the exact opposite of handy though, so my DIY abilities are limited to whatever I can get the workers at Home Depot to do.
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