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Greetings all,

I am not a newbie at this hobby...I have had a 20-ish gallon tank in operation since the mid-1980's...but I confess I have often taken a haphazard approach to fish selection. Well, not THAT haphazard; I don't think I've had a tendency to overstock my tank. But I am at a point now where I want to add some fish if possible and want to choose wisely, and am thus seeking advice from the experts.

My tank is about 17 gallons; it looks like a typical 20-gallon tank but is kind of trapezoidal in shape (the bottom is narrower than the top). I also have some rocks, one of which is large, that eats up some space. There are some fake plants as well. Currently I have 'the-world's-oldest' gold barb, two smallish honey sunset gourami, and four fire ribbon danio. A while ago thought I might add one or two more honey sunset gourami because I like them, then I saw a recommendation that the rule-of-thumb (or someone's rule-of-thumb) recommended only two per 20 gallon tank! And another recommendation said four per 20-gallon tank. So I don't know what to think. Let me know if you think I can get more of those. But, unfortunately, I am not sure if my local fish will have them; I don't think they are very common.

An alternate thing I am interested in doing, though, is getting some smallish schooling fish. At my fish store they have little recommendations like "best in schools of 6 or more" or more. Because I don't have a huge tank, I am limited in terms of how many fish I can get, so if I want to get the recommended size school, I think they'd have to be smallish fish.

I am thinking of things like rasboras, but I have never had those before, and some of y'all might be able to recommend other types of fish to consider. Maybe instead, a school of 6 or so tetras? I am wide open on fish suggestions here. Fortunately, my fish store does tend to have a pretty good stock of the standard varieties, as well as some unusual stuff.

One thing I definitely want to avoid is aggressiveness. This tank sits right next to my TV, thus is often in view, and I don't want to see constant chasing behavior all the time. We like to stay mellow in my household.

So, thanks for letting me know what you think, and if you think my tank can accommodate a school of 6 or so little fellers.

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