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Bullheads Rock My Socks
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Hey i posted this in the american cichlid section but got no response and i figured more people check this due to its broad section of things...

this is long but worth the read:

I have a question for anyone with a mixed tank:-do you have an occurance where they school together?

Dick the bullhead who is 5 inches long at this point was already in the tank, i added an oscar(O.J. who is 2" long) 1st which swam right over and swam right above Dick, which did not bother dick at all, didnt even cause him to move, then we got a jack dempsey(jonsey who is 2" long) and he stayed on the other side of the tank, and then we added a Pike Cichlid(Mike who is 3.5" long) who stayed hidden for a while...then this morning i got up and flicked on the light i the fishroom after allowing them ot get used to eachother over the night, and as i walked in all 4 of them were schooled together swimming around the tank at a slow pace...Mike and Dick were next to eachother so theat mike was near the class on the bottom, and almoat right on top of them was Jonsey above mike, and O.J. above Dick...they just swam around the tank and then as i got closer after watching for 10 minutes from afar, they quickly rushed back the the big red rock where dick and mike layed in the center hole, and O.J. and Jonsey floated on either side of it as if 2 protect the rock from anyone trying to take it...apparently i started the first ever Fish i named the tank The Troubled Few haha
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