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At first sorry by my english. I need help because my plants are dieing
Boa tarde,
I have a 60*30*30 aquarium running for two month`s.

Filter JBL e720 flow 700l/h
Thermostat eheim 100w
lights HL-3050F LED RGB SeaBillion 55-70cm
10 neocaridinas blue dream
Java fern
Java Moss
Christmas moss
heteranthera zosterifolia
Ludwigia Palustris
limnophila sessiliflora

the parameters are:
Ph: 7.2
phosphates :0,17

At first i used liquid CO2 and micros fertilizer (zi, Fe, Mg, boro,K, Mn ). Started having problems with my limnophila sessiliflora which is starting to rot on the leaves and stem. My Ludwigia palustris also started to have the leaves eaten.

Now the parameters are:
Ph: 7.4
phosphates :0,20 mg/L
K: 12,5 mg/l

I continue to use liquid CO2 and micros fertilizer (zi, Fe, Mg, boro,K, Mn ). I buy and use a macro fertilizer with Nitrates, Phosphates,K and Mg.
Now I started to see my ludwigia getting really red and the new leafs dieing as you can see on the photos. My limnophilia began to have the stem to rot and the anubia leafs seems bad. Do you have some explanation for this?

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From what you have written, I can't see any problems, but I have some comments to share with you:
1- You are using low tech or low energy plants, which don't require much light and don't require CO2, which is good
2- Liquid CO2 is not a substitute for normal CO2, liquid CO2 is mainly used to prevent algae growth, again there is no problem of using liquid CO2 to prevent algae as long as you are using the dose mentioned on the type of liquid CO2 you are using
3- Usually when you introduce the plants to a new tank, they take some time to establish their root system, during this period they might start to melt and some parts to die, so it is normal that at the beginning you see some problems with the plants, just cut or trim the died parts and be patient, they should grow new parts in a few weeks
4- I don't see a reason makes your shrimp eat the plants, unless there is no enough food for the shrimp, how do you feed them? Perhaps you need to drop a piece of cucumber or use some algae wafers every few days to make sure that the shrimp are well fed

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