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Papa Smurf's Redemption

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I have a Blue dwarf Gourami named P.Smurf.
When i got him he was fine for a couple of weeks and then it started.
Visiously darting at the Neons for no particular reason and it gradually got worse.
I had to remove him and put him in his own tank.
Fast forward 4 months in solitary confinment (not that he cared) and im giving P.Smurf a chance to redeem himself.
He went into my tank this morning with my Scissortails, Neons and Embers.
Two hours in, so far so good...although the young scissortails are all over him, touching him gently and basically being a bit over-bearing which is actually scaring Smurf a little at times but its more suprise than anything else i think.
I was just sitting here watching his progress and hoping like crazy it was the confined space of the 2ft tank he was in with the Neons that caused the aggression.
Fingers crossed 馃
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Crossing fingers over here for you too. Come on P.Smurf, Joo Can Do Eeet!
Hope it works out bro
These guys are real characters

lol, nice profile pic
Crossing fingers over here for you too. Come on P.Smurf, Joo Can Do Eeet!
Hope it works out bro
These guys are real characters

lol, nice profile pic
Thanks GG, he's a cool little guy and desrves another chance.
He's been in the tank now for approx' 7 hrs and hes just ignoring the other fish like they're not there 馃馃馃
But its early days yet (even though, im still impressed with my little guy so far).
Occassionally he checks the others out and then goes back to casually swimming around the tank (half of it so far).
He's found a little spot underneath the spray bar, in the top left hand corner of the tank where the flow's fairly calm...he's bedding down for the night as i type this.
Im really rooting for this little guy, i just want him to be happy.
Will post future updates to let you know how he's going...early days yet but so far so good.
That profile pic's a real pic.The species is Highasakite redeyetis.
They're a very docile fish and will eat anything that even comes close to resembling food.
They also have a tendency to fall sleep for no particular reason and at times can be found motionless, staring at the back wall of the tank for prolonged periods.
Can be interactive but is easily distracted and has a tendency to forget what it was doing leading to confusion and paranoia. This usually only lasts a short time and the fish returns to its usual docile state.
Give them a go, they're a cool fish
OK, first full day in the tank.
He's actually behaving so far...WOO HOO!
Brekky was interesting. I was going to try placing two lots of food in the tank, spaced far enough apart so the other lunatics didnt get to his food.
I always turn the filter off at feed time, its a better way of making sure that all the fish get food.
Switched the filter off, opened the lid and suddenly, Smurf got all excited and started looking everywhere for food (he does these 360 degree spins lol).
He got in amongst the maniacs, which suprised me, so i thought Oh ok, lets do this.
Dropped the food in and, as usual,the other fish went ballistic which spun Smurf out a bit and he moved to the back of the tank lol.
He wasnt keen on that idea and moved to the other end of the tank which made it really easy for me to feed him so it worked out ok in the end.
Besides that, he's just playing in the flow and ignoring everyone.
Now the following is absolutely CRAZY....
the Scissortails seem to be infatuated with Smurf and get along side him and gently touch their bodies against his...ive never seen anything like it. Smurf just touches them with his feelers and there is no aggression whatsoever (im truly stunned and have no idea whats going on, its incredible).
Some weird stuff going on but so far, Smurf's really happy and enjoying himself thoroughly :)(y)
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That's so great!! It seems to me letting your other fish establish themselves allows them to accept him. Into their pack? I've heard weirder things.
Very cool man.
I'll entertain you soon when I add the Rasboras.
These dwarf gourami's are a trip and SO food focused. They were literally leaping at my hand when I fed them this morning. Aiyeeee
Good on ya
Thanks GG, i couldnt be happier with far.
I love Rasboras, look forward to it.
Youve got some REALLY keen dwarfs there by the sounds. They do things other fish wouldnt, its cool.
Here's P.Smurf hangin' with the Scissortails (the fish are reflecting the light from above so they're a little bright).
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What a little cutie. Everythings looking good.
Amazing how different the male and females look.
The girls are much rounder in the belly almost triangular. On P.Smurf he seems longer and more slender. Super cool
Those Scissor Tails really catch the light and sparkle.
What size tank is that?
Always appreciate your comments GG, cheers. The tank is a 3ft and i think it holds approx 150 litres.
Yeah, its cool because they're fairly easy to sex.Like you said, the males are longer and more slender and the females are rounder with a more pronounced belly area.
If you enlarge the image above, you can probably just see that the rear of Smurf's dorsal fin is slightly tatty.
It's almost healed now but when i got him, there was a decent chunk missing out of his had to of been another fish attacking him.
That may well explain his initial aggression towards other fish, having been bullied and attacked himself.

Day 2 and he looks happier than ive ever seen him. He gets right in the middle of all the other fish at times and honestly seems to be lovin' life.
He LOVES "stretching his fins" by letting the flow push him down to the other end of the tank and then he does all these playful rolls 馃ぉ and causally swims back, all the way to the other end (this tanks like a 10 acre paddock compared to the tank he was in and he absolutely loves it).
This little guy is doing so well, im so happy i did this for him. It just felt right at the time and he's really spinning me out at the moment.:love:(y)
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I'm thinking adding more fish is gonna chill my ladies right down.
I looked up differences between male and female. The males have a much longer top fin, dorsal??
Makes them look much more streamlined.
I'm so happy for your little guy. Its obvious how attached you are to him.
Very nice!
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