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Hi, first post here, hoping to find an active knowledgeable forum as I just got into aquariums this year. I do have a question about a new setup I'm starting hopefully today.

I have a dwarf puffer, still small, who is moving into an eclipse hex 5 that is on sale at Petsmart. I'd like to have an Oto with him in there (right now he lives alone). However, I feed him those little pest snails, which I am hoping will breed to some degree in the tank so I can quit going to pet stores begging for snails. I did have some success in his current tank, they were laying eggs here and there, but I then tried to feed him a ghost shrimp, which he didn't eat, and which proceeded to apparently eat all the snail eggs. I'd like to make sure the Oto won't be hunting down and destroying the snail egg clusters or disturbing the breeding. I'll have a separate 1gal tank also breeding the snails but I'd like them to be multiplying somewhat in the puffer's tank too.

If you know for sure, please post a comment affirming one way or the other!

So... do Otos ignore eggs or should I do without in the interest of keeping snails multiplying?

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