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Trip one.
The weather was spot on,the vis was great,the current was as dangerous as you could possibly get!!

The ever (rare,lol ) wobby,damn things are like flies around here,flies that put holes in you.

This one was near the blue tangs and ate one before getting down to them again.

You can interact with a 16 foot tiger,fight off an 8 foot hammer head that wants your speared fish and lots of other shark encounters,but these carpet paterned nut cases,one out of ten are serious phychopaths,the things are everywhere and when they start on you they do not like to give in or scare off like you can with an actual man eater.

This is one creature that taking it to the brink of extinction would be such a loss?

Rather than get surgeons out of tanks,two more were collected for the show.Most are gone from commercial collection now from the massive amounts that were there,next year may bring in heaps,as usual!

A nice linkia for the show,there was one there cream in colour over a metre across,to big for the show,heaps of linkias out there!

Shane has got the yellow one at the moment.It will go well with this one at the show.

These apogon cyanosoma cardinals were for mark,but we will use them in the show and than he can have them.

Always a space for a bicuit star for the tanks.

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Awww aint he a cute little guy, and i can tell you really like them. :) once again thanks for the beautiful pics, those cardinals are awesome as are the rest of your catch. :)
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