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Attention all Coral Traders and Reef Aquarium Enthusiasts!

WHERE: Northwoods Banquet Center (formerly Taj Mahal), Rhinelander, WI
WHEN: Saturday, June 13th, 12-4
- Friday June 12, 6pm-8pm: Early trader set up
- Saturday June 13, 9-12: Trader Set Up
- 12-4: Frag Swapping!
- 3-3:30: Frag Raffle & Dry goods Raffle
- 4 – End

Here are some of the highlights:
· Free entrance for all guests and inexpensive fees for coral vendors (see vendor info below).
· The opportunity to purchase some of the best Coral Frags at great prices. We have a number of large and small coral vendors registered already, so bring a cooler for the ride home.
· Free raffle for a chance each to win one of many Frags donated from the Coral Frag Vendors.
· A dry goods raffle with many great prizes. The prize list can be found at our forum at: Northern Wisconsin Reef Society - Index
· A ten% discount coupon from the Foster & Smith Retail Store. The discount coupon is good for all dry good in the Retail Store and catalog items from the warehouse. The coupon is a great way to stock up on your aquarium needs (at a great price) and save on shipping!
· Save on shipping, Make an order from Live Aquaria's Diver Den and Pickup your order at Foster & Smith's Outlet Store on Saturday the day of the swap. PLEASE go to our forum for detailed instructions on making orders correctly at: June Frag Swap Info & Pre-Sales - Post Pics Here!
· Last but not least, you can have fun catching up with old friends and making new ones. You won't find a better way to spend a Saturday than talking Reef Aquariums with fellow Reefers!!

Guests can see updates, learn more, and view photos of trader coral frags (some traders will accept pre-sales) by visiting our forum at: Northern Wisconsin Reef Society - Index
Table rental reservations must be made in advance and we have a limited amount of space available, so please make your reservation ASAP.
Pricing: $10 for 4’ table space. $20 for full 8’ table. $10 for each additional 4’ space.
One bagged coral donated for raffle required from every trader/vendor.
Traders/Vendors responsible for all their own water, equipment, cords, etc.
Traders can register Here- Northern Wisconsin Reef Society (NWRS) (Reservations for traders/vendors required)
PLEASE NOTE: You do not need a PayPal account to make reservations and pay for your table(s). You can use a credit or debit card at checkout. You can also make arrangements to pay by check or money-order by contacting us at: [email protected]

Reservations for traders/vendors required - please email [email protected]for more info.
Traders can also see updates, learn more, and post photos of your frags by visiting our forum at:Northern Wisconsin Reef Society - Index

So please mark your calendars and join us Saturday, June 13th for a FRAG SWAP!
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