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Hello all,

I upgraded my 20 gallon salt water to a 75 gallon. I have a Marine land aquarium with the overflow in the corner.
I set everything up Monday and the fish actually made through the move.

The problem I am having is with the sump. (see attached pics)

The drain is far too loud for my comfort. I've tried everything except cutting it out and replacing it.
I am fine with changing it out but not sure what to change it out to.

It has a sucking sound at the top and of coarse the splashing sound at the bottom, also the sump box is foaming (see pic 5)
I have adjusted the flow on the pump
I have adjusted the little straw at the top
I have extended the pipe further into the sump

Nothing I do seems to make any difference at all.

Is the drain pipe to short?
Should I use flexible tubing?
Are 45 degree fittings a problem?
Is it a back pressure problem? - How do you fix that?

Any suggestions are welcome.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts