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Fresh Water 10 gal with java fern, marmimo moss balls, red root floaters
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I'm new to the aquarium hobby and I've struggled to cycle my 10gal tank. It has three java fern, three marimo moss balls, and some red rood floaters in it.

I started with ghost feeding for a few weeks, testing the water every other day, although during that time I was testing wrong so I got no results. Later on, I figured out how to test correctly and was able to get readings right. During this time however, I wasn't able to ghost feed anymore because I had worm infestation from some plants, so i stopped, but the ammonia still rose to 1ppm. After the ammonia had risen, it started going down and nitrites started to show up. I got excited because it looked like it was cycling, but I was disappointed to find no nitrates. Its been two to three months now, maybe three to four weeks since the nitrite, and there has been zero traces of nitrates. I've read plants can use nitrates, but I didn't think they'd be able to immediately use it to the point it is undetectable.

Is my tank just not done cycling or is there something else? Since seeing those nitrites and seeing them return to zero, nothing else has really happened. Ammonia has only reached zero once so far and that was recently, but it always goes back to .25ppm or .50ppm and I haven't seen nitrites anymore, or nitrates of course.

What's everyone's thoughts?

Also, I've been watching my friend's tank as they've given me updates on it, it's been a month or less and their tank is cycling just fine! sucks to watch it happen so easily to them but it comes so hard for me :ROFLMAO:
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