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Hello my name is Pribb. I have a 55 gallon aquarium, walmart special ;). Long time fishkeeper, finally stepped up to the bigger tank.

Current setup is

Live plants
----mostly swords and an elephant ear type plant. Maybe you can tell me better, aquarium plants dont come with common names like normal plants.

18-20 Zebra Danio
6 Blue Rainbowfish
1 Pleco
1 Goldfish
5 Guppies

Im looking to get a centerpiece fish, probably an anglefish. Any suggestions.

On to the good stuff.

Youtube video
YouTube - fishvid

Sorry some of the pics are blurry, no setting on my camera will capture fast enough to catch the fish.

Tips on getting better lighting near the front top of the tank, its where most congregate when viewing:(.

Anyway, thanks for letting me join, and I will take some more photos anytime. I also would like the name for a good tall, bushy background plant. medium light quality.


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Welcome to the site! For your centerpiece fish, how about a dwarf gourami? for your plant Q, i say hornwort.
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