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Hi everyone,

I wanted to make my first post a general "hello" to everyone out there, especially anyone in Oklahoma with a saltwater aquarium! Here's a bit about what I'm running:

I have three saltwater aquariums.

1. 55galon glass tank with Custom cabinet and hood

400watt Metal Halide unit (cutom built for the hood)
CF actinics (custom mount for the hood)
80lbs of live rock
60 lbs of live sand
Renal XP Pro cannister filter
protein skimmer
1 large Koralia
1 small Koralia

2 falsepercs (hosting)
1 scooter blenny
1 pistol shrimp and his pall, the Watchman goby
1 yellow tang
2 damsels, one striped, one blue
1 harlequin shrimp
1 (recently deceased) coral banded shrimp to be replaced
several turbo snails
several blue leg crabs
several peppermint shrimps
several nasarrius snails
Bubble tip anemone

2 25gallon Aquacube

1 used for a quarantine tank
1 used to house a MAMMOTH green leg hermit and several small hermits. This wil eventually be set up for SPS corals.

The large tank is about 2 years old, the two smaller tanks are about a year. Everyoneseems happy and healthy and I check water parameters regularly and do regular water changes.

I mix my own saltwater using Insant Ocean and have an R/O-DI unit for the water.

Well, thats about all for now. I'm gonna to check the forums out!

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No, I'm not a member... yet...

Frankly, I wanted to make sure that 1) I could maintain a saltwater aquarium and 2) that this was going to be an ongoing hobby for me before I got involved with a club. my wife and I are looking at several in the OKC metro though and will probably be a member before the summer is out.

Thanks for the warm welcomes, both of you!

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Welcome to the forum. Nice to have you here.
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