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HI all, Thanks in advance for your feedback. I am planning on starting a small aquarium for my home office. I've been doing research and have come up with a plan. I would appreciate any feedback on where you think I have gone wrong, or how I could do better.
Here's the plan :
Tank-Waterbox Clear Mini 6,
Hydor Centrifgual Pump 100GPH w/ Inovative Marine Spin Stream(I have this instead of a air pump or HOB filter, I'm okay with frequent water changes if the plants cant keep up)
Heater - Fluval Nano 25 watt (6 us Gallon)
Lighting( Fluval Aquasky 2.0 LED 15"-24"

Monte Carlo (Carpet 50%-75% of tank)
Dwarf Sagttaria (3-5 for accent)
Golden Pothos floating and flowing out of top

Ramshorn snails 3-5
Dwarf Red Coral Platy 3-5(on male and the rest females) I picked they are supposed to stay smaller 1" to 1-1/4"
Blue Velvet Shrimp 1-3

Well? what everybody think? Am I out of my mind? Thanks again.
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