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I've been trying to start a new club for fishkeepers in Palm Beach County and nearby for a year now, albeit sporadically- at first there was a partner, but that didn't last- now we've gotten as far as the 1st meeting- ads and articles in two papers plus flyers n fish & pet stores got a response from all of SIX peeps, three of them being self, significant other, and the coordinator of the meetingplace who gets 100 bucks an hour for it normally- so I guess you know why she "wants it to fly"...
This month, I'm putting out 4X5 inch flyers/reminders for the next meeting in as many places as will take 'em- pet shops, libraries, supermkt bulletin boards, etc.
Now, here's why I think the first attempt may have failed- (or did it?)--
- The only night they would give us was a wednesday (midweek workday- a drawback? - @ 6:00 PM (bad time fer shure- people are eating!) - But it was free-- because she wants more paying guests (?) -We did set up a meeting to look at the back room of an aquarium store as an alternative- it's ideal- adequate for 50 people max (if 25 of 'em stand..).
- Most of the flyers were hung in petshops (I've been advised since then that they regard us as THE ENEMY -can you believe it?)
-I thought I should call libraries to get permission to hang these little flyers ($35.00 at Staples)- but they only allow gov't agencies to put out flyers now!!!
- and I got one pet shop to put them in bags-if they remember-
- The next meeting will be held at the River Center of Burt Reynolds Park, on the EAST side of US Rte #1 north, No. 805- Jupiter, FL. 33477- at 7 PM on November 12- for further info please call (561) 743- 7123-
if you know anyone living within driving distance or live in a 50 mi. radius of Jupiter, please ask them to attend- there's no other freshwater or combined club between Tampa and Miami (or the rest of the state!)
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