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hey all. well yesterday my dad went out to get something from the hardware store and i knew he would be right next to our favorite LFS, so i asked him to get some 4 demasoni's in addition to the 4 yellow labs we have in our 55g tank... well, he comes back home telling me that they didnt have them and INSTEAD, he got a WHOLE BUNCH OF FISH!!!! WHAT THE HECK DAD! lol. (he has NO patience when it comes to new tanks...)

first off, he got 4 of these. i have a really strong idea on what they are, but i dont want to say because i dont want to sway what you guys might think! so here they are...

sorry for the really crappy pictures. i am really not good with taking pictures of my fishy friends. lol. :) he also got 3 bright orange fish. all are bright orange with a few freckeled yellow spots on their anal fins. again, i have another strong idea of what they are, but any ideas? sorry, no pics. :/

HE ALSO got 4 small, 1 inch fish. they seem to be all in juvanile stage. here is a picture of them i found on the internet. I think i know what they are though through my experiences.

all of the fish were bought in a tank simply labeled, "Mixed African Cichlids." so they are all african cichlids, i know, its obvious, but what are they. i think I know, but what do you think they are?

any input would be great! thanks! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts