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Hiya all,

My wife and I are proud owners of over 100 fish and fry. We have been keeping Tropical fish for about five years. I myself have kept lake fish before that for around ten years (Koi Carp and Sturgeon).

We have five tanks between us.

First, we have my Juwel Bow Front. 32" wide and 20 UK gallons. Currently stocked with 1 red male Siamese Fighter (Betta Splendens) called Slippy. He shares with a Striped Raphael catfish called Whiskers, 9 Pygmy Corys, 6 Adolfoi Corys, 2 BN Plecs, 3 Southern Platys and 1 Marbled Molly.

Planted with Camboba, Amazon Sword, Wisteria, Stardust, Wheat Plant, Lobelia and 3 Marimo Moss balls.

Second is my 20 UK gallon Fluval tank, also 32" wide. Currently stocked with 1 Claret & Blue male Siamese Fighter (Betta Splendens) called Brinn. With Brinn are 1 Striped Raphael called Scrooge, 2 Bronze Corys called Ronnie & Reggie, 2 Peppered Corys called Phil & Grant, 2 Albino Corys called Cahones and Nero, 2 Upside-Down Cats called Ozzy & Upsidayzee and finally 2 BN Plecs.

Planted with Camboba, Amazon Sword, Wisteria, Wheat Plant, some grass type stuff and 2 Marimo Moss balls.

Then my Fry/Hospital tank. It's only a cheap 5 UK gallon job but it works. It currently holds about 18 Guppy fry and 10 Molly fry. Once large enough, they will be sold to the local LFS.

My wife has a 12 UK gallon Fluval tank currently housing 1 Blue male Siamese Fighter (Betta Splendens) called Spence, 6 Peppered Corys, 1 BN Plec and 7 Harlequin Raspberries :lol:

This will be overstocked when all fish are mature but plans are under way for a larger tank.

The last tank is my wife's Pets @ Home cheap 12 UK gallon tank housing 11 Guppies and 6 Pygmy Corys. There are also a few new fry appearing almost daily and are being moved to the fry tank as and when.

If I had room, I would have another half a dozen 12 gallon tanks for more Bettas :D
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