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I recently acquired a dragon goby and a few other brackish fish that I keep in my tank. The employee at the store had the dragon goby in a tank with a small container filled with salt that had an opening. This is how she told me to keep my tank at home. I set it up with a container that has a hole in the lid filled with salt and I replenish it whenever it is empty. I have spent the last few days reading any information I could on brackish tanks and I haven't seen this method anywhere. Everything I have read says to premix the water with marine salt and I can't find anywhere that says having a container with holes for salt will make a tank brackish.

Do I need to get rid of this container to make the tank truly brackish? Or is it sufficient?

I have ordered a hydrometer online so I will be able to determine it's exact salinity tomorrow.

I would love any other tips and advice for keeping a happy dragon goby and a healthy brackish tank!

Thank you!
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