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Recently (yesterday...) , I got a Betta (Delta tail male) and what stuck out to me is that he had black on him. His gills were all black and followed under his chin, the base of his lower fins, and some spotting. (Photos on bottom)

I haven't had a Betta personally before. He's swimming fine, hes able to eat (he's just really small... I have to break my pellets in half for him), parameters when testing then at the store came up well and fine, and the temp is around 80-84 at the moment (I have a placeholder holder until I get my adjustable one within the week). He's not showing any sign of really being lethargic or anything like that, he just swims around the tank looking around, checking out the plants and stuff.

(No, there is no reflection inside the tank, it's the angle. I checked that)

Should I be worried? I feel like I should but I have the habit of over worrying until I come to a conclusion...

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Water Plant Purple Petal Flower

Plant Water Purple Underwater Organism

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