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A fellow member of this forum recommended that I post this notice here- probably so more people would see it:
I'm trying to start a group to serve the fishkeepers of the areas between St Lucie and Boca- and elsewhere within a 50 mi. radius of Palm Beach County.
Therefore, the very first meeting of a brand new fish club, tentatively called The Aquarist Society of Central Florida, will be held on Wed. October 14 at the River Center of the Burt Reynolds Park- 805 No. Highway #1; Jupiter, at 6:00 PM-
If you live outside of this area you are still welcome to attend or join, or also I'll be glad to help you start your own, to eliminate the hazards and expense of travel- once I get this one off the ground- I found it to be a complicated job. I have no idea who, or how many, will show up- see general topics for further info..
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