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Ok this is my first real aquarium, i previously had a betta in a vase on the table when i was about 9.
I got this 10g for christmas, as just a starter kit.

I have a Whisper Filter, whisper 75W tank heater.
I use TetraMin flakes and granules for food.
I have 2 Bala Sharks, one is about 2.75" and the other is about 2.25". The seem to be doing fine, even though i have had 3 other fish die in the tank.

I do have a lilly seed in the bottom of the tank, but so far its growth has been pretty slow. its been in there for a month and hasnt grown much more than a slight protrusion on the underside of the bulb.

What do you all think?
I know i Know that this tank is way too small for my balas, but hopefull by the time they outgrow this i will have a bigger tank, im thinking 55g so or.

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It looks very nice. Thank you for sharing. I think the reason your plant is not more vigorous in growing is perhaps a lack of light. The tank does seem a bit dark for real plants so you may not have good luck with growing one but never fear, there are some low light plants you can get that would be able to thrive in the tank just as it is. I am just not sure your lily will be one of them. Anubias or Java Ferns or some others will be more to the type that would like that light level I am thinking but perhaps one of our members with a lot of plant experience would know better.

Welcome to the forum and I do hope to get to know you better. I usually spend more time with bettas as that is my specialty of sorts and am happy to see that you did have one. Aren't they lovely fish?

Thank you for joining. We have a lot of members and someone is always about who is interested in what you are so I hope you enjoy yourself.

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