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Hi everyone,
in my tank I got a leak underneath (70 litres) and i got already another tank ( 180 litres ).
Can i set up a new tank mixing new gravels with old one and using the existing water and adding then only the remainining quantity of water to topping up after i put in decorations and plants and once everything stabilized adding the existing live stock in it?
I am fairly new to aquariums and i was wondering if i can do this in a day, as i got fears that the old tank will not hold (time talking )till the new tank will be ready ?
Please help .
Kind Regards

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Hi there newtank...welcome to the forum.
I thought id mention...
It would also help to get yourself some API Quick Start.
It contains live nitrifying bacteria which will help to boost your nitrogen cycle.
It also helps to limit the Ammonia and Nitrite levels, both of which will kill fish at elevated levels.
As susankat stated...test your water daily to keep an eye on your water parameters.
Best of luck
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