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I have 5 zebras and one is a long fin leopard. It's a long story. First things first:

10 gallon partially planted
0- nitrites
20 - nitrates
0 - ammonia
PH 7
75 degrees F
Food: flakes/bug bites/mini pellets

Why I have these: I was given 3 zebra danios to go with my Betta (bad advice but I couldn't return them}. The Betta and Danio situation was very good but one of the smaller danios was killed and eaten and I don't believe it was the Betta. I added 3 more to make 5 to settle the aggression down. The original aggressive danio settled right down, however one of the new ones was attacking the Betta. Betta is now in his old 5g tank BUT now the only long fin which is one of the original 3, is being picked on by that same aggressor. I added an airstone to create a wall of bubbles for extra hiding behind and for more current to swim against (I read this helps in smaller tanks when you have swimmers like zebras) and it only made it worse - totally stressed out the long fin further. I've turned it off and he's come out a bit more from hiding but still won't eat and doesn't swim much. I have seen some improvement in movement since I turned off the stone 2 days ago. This is going on day 5 at least that he hasn't eaten and is hanging out mostly at the bottom among plants. I guide flakes so it's right in front of him and he just ignores it. I don't see anything wrong with him - no bloating, no spots, fins are good. I know a 10 g is a challenge for zebras but its what I have, and I have 5 danios because 3 was a bad idea. (I am looking into a larger tank but I have to make sure this is what I want - as you all know its an investment in more than a bigger tank.) Any suggestions at all would be very very gratefully accepted. I'm worried for this guy.
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