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Hi! 😃 I'm The
Hi guys, new here.
I came one morning to see my fantail goldfish bubbles with white spots all over her tail. I have added salt but realised none of her other tank mates have ich. Could it be stress ich? I don’t really know. I do not have a heater so could not really raise the temperature. Pls help… here is a photo sorry if you cannot really see the spots… she moved into this new tank yesterday

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Hi!😃 I'm The Fish Lady! 😃
Nice to meet you! 😃
Howz your Goldfish doing now, hon?
Does she/he still have the spots yet? Yes, put in a little marine salt.
Just watch your ammonia levels for Goldfish are notorious for high ammonia levels and also for Ich, unfortunately...
Aawww...poor baby.
All our "new" babies hide at first...hmmm...but he/she comes out to feed though? You mention "tank mates"? What kind?
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