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My Dwarf Gourami requires surgery

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Not the literal "under the knife" kind but the scissors will probably be coming out.
Poor little guy has got a filter wool fibre attached to his body somewhere.
He looks like one of those planes that tow those advertising banners behind them...but without the banner :)
Its only a single fiber,and he doesnt seem to be bothered at all but ive got to get it off him "just in case".
Ive taken photos but you cant see it properly.
Im glad he can breathe out of water (Labyrinth organ) because it may be a fiddly job where the scissors are required so its basically got to be hurried while being very careful at the same time...Damn!
I just reloaded his filter with filter wool and it looks like one single fibre has found its way out and attached to his body somewhere...bloody typical lol.
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Awesome advice...thanks very much GG.
He had his big water change etc prior to getting the fibre attached to him so i think i'll do it tomorrow...dont want to put him through too much in one day.
Thanks again (y)
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Got up this morning and the fibre was gone.
Found it attached to a small piece of driftwood and removed it instantly.
Thankfully,i dont have to put Smurf through that stress now.
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