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Bullheads Rock My Socks
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Alright so here is a pick of the temporary tank for the bullheads i have...Dick a 4" Brown Bullhead who has the most outgoing personality of any fish ive ever seen, and Riley a 6" Brown Bullhead who i just brought home last night, who adjusted so quick its remarkable, he ate within 4 hours of being in the tank, and was swimming in and out of the bullhead tunnel i created like he had lived there his whole life...

Excuse the slight murk of the water, Riley stirred it up bothering the feeder fish haha...they are being moved to a 55 gallon tank with the next 5 days so dont flip out about space and all that.

Thats the whole tank, its a 20 gallon, and it isnt the prettiest thing, but it gets it done for now

Riley squaring me up

Riley checking his boundaries

A flex pipe i used for a bullhead tunnel...they love it

thanks for looking, and i am 1/2 way done with the 55 gallon tank so i will post them when im done
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