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The water in my school's tank recently became milky white, as such:



Water parameters:
  • Nitrite & Nitrate: close to 0 ppm
  • Temperature: 25 degrees C
  • pH: 6.5 (usual ~7)
  • kH: 50 (mg/L)
  • gH: 90 (mg/L)

It became like this all of a sudden. The tank water was clear for a month.

The recent thing that might be blamed is that I washed 1/2 of the ceramic rings in the canister filter using water from a drinking fountain and then changed 40% of the water two days later because there are algae. The filter's a Tetra ex 800 plus (but it's down to 200 liters per hour or something due to clogged pipes, I will be changing them tomorrow). The tank is 180 liters in volume.

I looked this data up, and people say that it's bacterial growth and it's going to go away on its own. I'm not sure if that's the thing happening in my case though; this has been the case for four days and isn't getting better.

The fish still has their appetite and none of them are dead (yet).

Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance.
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