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I've been considering upgrading aquarium filtration for low/easy maintenance and have an idea to toss around: Combining UGF with power filtration.
I'm designing an experimental double action filtration system for my 25 gal fresh water aquarium so it requires less maintenance while maximizing water quality by connecting the intake tube of the power filter to the draw tube of the UGF.
There's no questioning the pros of a high capacity power filter, or the benefits of drawing excess food and waste through a gravel/sand medium. The problem with power filters is they don't filter the bottom-dwelling crud, while a problem with UGFs is the same crud collecting under the grid needs to be cleaned out periodically.
So, my idea is to combine the benefits of both by using the power filter intake to draw decaying debris from below the grid and filtering it out as it recycles the water.

Any takers?
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